We are tele stars! Or at least stars of CCTV, because we know that CCTV provides a crucial role in preliminary investigative procedures, as well as a reliable tool for review.


KCP has launched a pioneering online CCTV viewing system which means that our trained staff are able to conduct CCTV surveys of drains and pipes to vertical depths in excess of 80 metres, allowing them to assess the extent of any collapsed pipework, or the nature of blockages, prior to cleaning.


And we can send you the information to you via our client area on this website, negating the need for  plastic cases and DVDs with the added bonus of a carbon footprint reduction in the miles to deliver as well as the advantage of multiple issue to any number of personnel - or via conference viewing by logging on to your own secure client area.


Combined with our unique deep well pipe suction system, our CCTV service is critical to ensure that we solve our customers’ problems as efficiently, competently and cost-effectively as possible.


Contact us to find out how our CCTV stars can help your business.

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