Turtle Power


Just over 4 years ago we embraced the turtle and today is the first day we have realized that there is such a thing as World Turtle Day! The purpose of this is to create  an annual observance to help people celebrate and protect turtles and tortoises and their disappearing habitats around the world.by the American Tortoise Rescue. Not the reason we embrace the Turtle!


We undertake lots of high hazard works and as a consequence encounter a lot of paperwork and sometimes very dynamic situations on sites which generates more paperwork. Our operators are working in difficult conditions and it is important that they focus on the physical tasks they are undertaking. However, it is also important that amongst the noise of ‘life’ and digital connections that we can separate information and encourage thinking around this.


We also like to share the company journey and the key learning points with all members of the team and as everyone’s skills sets are different it was important that we encouraged in a fun way that everyone should read. In order for this to work effectively we had to find a word that was highly unlikely to ever appear in any of our anticipated activities…so the word turtle was chosen! There is a small cash prize for those who are first to find the turtle whether this be in minutes, work instructions or memo type email communications and it is usually positioned at a point that is particularly relevant. We also record this as part of our bi annul review as whilst it reflects that someone has read the information it also identifies why some haven’t! 


We gain a greater degree of comfort on the delivery of the message and that the content has been absorbed particularly when there are multiple changes being made.


Around two to three years ago following a visit as part of an awards submission we had entered our Turtle game was discussed in the realm of employee engagement. But we were also introduced to turtle diagrams and their usefulness within higher level processing particularly manufacturing to aid and support quality management systems. Following our involvement on the Growth Advantage Programme at Strathclyde University Business School the usefulness of value streams and staged quality checks were reinforced by playing a paper aeroplane game! We joined some dots…


Result… as part of our transition audit upgrade for 9001/14001 and detailed critical checks the concept of us creating our own turtle drawings to represent our management system is now well underway! Purpose to enable better communication in order that we support our operators and provide a superb customer journey, build in growth capacity and improve our productivity. Conversations that would not have happened perhaps should we not have used a random word like Turtle- so to all you turtle lovers out there happy World Turtle Day!


Finally, recently a colleague also pointed out to us that “the only way a turtle can make progress is by sticking its neck out! “

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