Kyle Mullen's week at KCP


Kyle joined us from St Joseph's in Kilmarnock for a weeks work experience from 14th-18th May.  Here are a few words from Kyle himself...

"On Monday I enjoyed the mini tour of the site and the friendly folks in working. I was also given a briefing of KCP’s polices and merchandise. The little side jobs I have been issued are also intriguing as they have gave me other office skills for the future.

On Tuesday I was shown how to do invoicing.  I also got to help make up some “orange packs” which holds the companies promotional material for issuing to clients. Later I went and done PR marketing.

On Wednesday at the start of the day it was just normal admin like laminating and a bit of typing, but later on I got to go out and wash down one of the air movers with a brush, sponge and a pressure washer which was really fun.

On Thursday Karl and I finished washing the air mover which was good still fun but sadly the overalls got dirty so the effect of the luminous orange was not as bright. After the air mover was washed I returned to the office and went back to other tasks and coffees.

On the last day I was in the office all day doing a diagram and doing a report on the air tanks and what is the mixture of gases in them but it turns out to just be normal air that you are breathing as you read this.

I think by the end of this week I have learned a lot of skills that are useable at home and for when I get a job I would like to thank everybody at KCP for taking me on this week and giving me an opportunity to learn valuable skills for the work place and how to make really good coffee."

We would like to wish Kyle all the best for his future and well done on a good productive week.

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