Hybrid happiness


Well it’s not always that easy to keep me happy three years on the go but I am.

Our investment in the Mitsubishi hybrid car has been well worth the journey. Significant savings on cost for petrol compared to my previous car- on average maybe around £30-£50 per week.

What is still better, and a noticeable improvement, is my driving performance. I have learned to use the car dashboard controls to minimise fuel consumption and to drive at the optimum speeds.

The optimum speeds are highlighted not by the rev counter but by a counter demonstrating Charge/ Eco or Power. These are self-explanatory; charge - you are creating charge to your battery, Eco driving within good optimisation of battery capabilities and Power - you have your foot down or cornering too fast!

I have not undertaken any form of carbon footprint assessment or any other check on the ‘overall greenness’ of this car. I wanted to understand how this may assist with my personal contribution based on lots of smaller journeys that I make locally every day - being based in a rural location!

For longer journeys there is still benefit - but I tend to use public transport when going on any long journey so the shorter journeys were my first objective.

I have yet to hit the magical 32 miles in the electric supply - but some days it tells me I have got 25 miles available on electric and I can travel in excess of that.

Some cons - although I would not say these were cons - more 'be awares'!

This is a keyless start and we can drive and drive and drive with no keys in the car for over 20 miles from said location of the keys and it still keeps going! I have never tried to press the start button when the keys are not in the car as this may be a challenge - not even aware of any beeps or flashing symbols that let me know I’ve left the keys in another pocket!

I have also not managed to get involved in the country wide supply of charging systems - although I have used a couple that were present at client's parking facilities. I did register with Charge Scotland but have received no ‘paperwork’ or instructions. However, this has reminded me to look at this in more detail!

But on the whole I love my hybrid and now feel I understand where and how this will work within our organisation to support the change to electric vehicles!