Living Wage from the other side part 2


Our Gary is a man of few words but in this short article he clearly demonstrates why KCP has taken the step of becoming a Living Wage Employer.
We get a great deal of benefit of being a Living Wage Employer but realise that many employers are still in two minds about it and don't realise the immense return in terms of emplpyee job satisfaction and loyalty.
Hope this helps!
Gary told us: "When I was told about the company being a living wage employer I was surprised because it is a fairly small company.
"I have been with a lot larger firms with a lot more turn over that just pay the minimum wage. However, that extra £1 an hour means that even working a 40 hour week I would be able to provide more for my family and this in itself increases my willingness to work harder for an employer that looks after its employees and pays them what they are worth."