Living Wage from the other side


We have been very happy to promote the fact that we are Living Wage Employers, it pleases us to be able to give our staff what they deserve without hiding behind the Government's minimum wage as an excuse for paying less, and we know that we benefit greatly from doing so.
However, other employers who haven't yet come on board the Living Wage Movement sometimes just don't understand the difference between minimum wage and living wage in terms of their emoployees' job satisfaction and company loyalty.
So: to help we have asked some of our own happy band to tell us in their own words why it makes a difference to them.
First up is our bubbly efficient and super talented office manager Lana McCurdy:
She said: "KCP was an early adopter of the Scottish Living Wage and is one the 1,047 businesses across Scotland who are accredited employers.
"Here is my perspective from an employee's point of view.
"It demonstrates appreciation from the offset which is a big deal for me personally. It also shows mutual trust and compassion in that your employer does consider your needs and cares for you by offering a stable and secure income.
"It shows that they are willing to go that bit further in return for a reliable employee."
And she added: "From an employers' point of view it aids retention of staff and means fewer sick days and it provides them with the reassurance of a steady and loyal workforce.
"I thoroughly enjoy being part of the KCP team. Appreciation goes along way."