SHOUT! SHOUT! Let it all OUT!


Our MD’s recent blog highlights 2018 as a year to shout about engineering and all the STEM opportunities that exist for everyone.

Taking our climate change and technology challenges to the next level is on the horizons but the skill set and the mindset to deliver these is a little behind, not all down to ignorance, but possibly more the pace of change and our education system is being left behind as we explore and change digital data at an alarmingly fast pace. Over two years ago we started work in KCP looking at an opportunity to develop a tourist attraction, not a visitor centre, but a full on Disney like experience that would encourage and create opportunities to grow talent and excite and engage those not currently looking at these opportunities.

We are pleased to say that this is taking priority this year and seeks to attract developers and current tourist attractions to see if this idea can simply create a training and talent pipeline solution to the supply of talent needed to raise the technical expertise across the globe.  Here is the link to our MD’s blog on the importance of celebrating and sharing stories particularly as we have a triple theme of Year of Engineering, year of the Young people and the ICE( Institution of Civil Engineers) is celebrating being 200 years old!

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Looking forward to being inspired! @ScottishEPA #Vibes2018
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