Reveling in an Age of Excellence


KCP were shortlisted as finalists in the the first Global Game Changers awards with The Herald and Innovators Magazine.

Our shortlisting was in the category “Breaking the mould: empowering intrapreneurship’ and there to represent us on the night were Operations Director and inventor of our patented kit Karl Pring who was accompanied by staff members Lana McCurdy and and Gary Normington.

Needless to say our night was kicked off in good fashion with Karl running behind schedule but he could be excused as he was making sure his sporran was sitting straight and his shoe laces were synchronized!

The event was held at the Glasgow Science Centre where innovation is core. Taking the wrong road we finally reached our destination where a lovely BMW was sitting on show (this was up for grabs for the weekend to one lucky person on the night but, sadly, our name was not drawn from the hat).

On arriving, a French gentleman was also admiring the BMW – having to act as translator between a man from Somerset and a man from France had not been on Lana’s agenda that night but she rose to the challenge!

On entering the Science Centre the KCP team were directed to the first floor to the drinks reception.

Lana said: “This was a great ice breaker and tension release as you and the other guests had the chance to explore the gimmicks and inventions on display at the centre; from dancing iron filings to optical illusions to exploring the planets – it was all great fun and there was much hilarity (perhaps the wine helped).”

The compere for the evening was the lovely John McKay from STV who kept our attention with his anecdotes and natural narration. Being seated at the table with two other companies, Synergie Environ Ltd and Find a Player, who were also up for awards, the “hello how are” “what do you do” conversations began – all very lovely people and a good time was had by all.

Sky diving and adrenalin buzzes were spoken about and all were very interested in Karl’s passion for sidecar racing, a topic which proved to be big hit at our table.

The guest speakers provided some fascinating listening and helped distract us from the nerves. We were not crowned as winners for our category but were not disheartened, just pleased to have been recognised.

Being involved with STEM across our community, we were pleased to see our friends at Ayrshire College walk away with a commendation for the Innovating in STEM Eductaion/Training category.

Susan Robertson, co-founder of Innovators Magazine congratulated everyone who had been nominated whether or not they were winners and said that it gives her and the rest of the magazine staff great satisfaction in “reveling in this age of excellence” at the annual awards.

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