Community & Communication


Community & Communication

If you don’t ask you don’t get but if you don’t know you can’t offer- It’s a 2 way street!  

We are assisting with sponsorship again with Cumnock Juniors young U17’s with a few new faces and a more rigorous training programme in place. This week saw them play host to a team from Chile. against Torres, Buceta, Hernandez ,Sanchez and their teammates from The Mackay School In Chile. 
The visitors won 2-1 in a tight match though arguably, the match was won for them by their goalkeeper who had two quite stunning saves tonight, both heading in to the top corner. Under 17's played well and hopefully enjoyed their game of football.

 New to the KCP sponsorship team is Logan Boxing Club. Check them out on Facebook!  This weekend two boys Joseph Popowicz and Isaac Forrest both won their games away from home in brilliant fashion! Photos to follow!

A true story of community and communication and what can be done even in our busy noisy world. We were contacted by Brain Biggs who organizes this club and his daughter is in our MD’s daughter’s class in Primary School!  But this was not the reason for the connection it was through East Ayrshire Council’s Learn 4 Work programme earlier in the year that his son had mentioned they were doing a project on circular economy and that KCP did sponsorship, to his dad! So good communication and engaging with the local community can help those others also working hard in the community.

What is also important that for most small businesses the idea of sponsorship is not always on their agenda for lots of reasons but when you know that as little as £300 can provide tracksuits and bags for all the boys and sponsors one boy through a full season then it is really a small price to pay. 

Especially when there are many coaches –we see them in Cumnock Juniors & Logan Boxing Club across all age groups determined to provide local school children with other activities. In their own time, usually alongside demanding daytime jobs!

Connecting all sizes of businesses to local communities will only serve to build stronger communities. 

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