Can Do contractors!


Here is what we believe our accreditations mean for you hence why we pursue them?


Some accreditations are essential to access a set of potential clients or to participate in public procurement. The others can be used successfully as vehicles to create systems and processes that embrace innovation and diversity of thought.

Many people/organisations chase certificates accreditations etc, there was a desire that they would make the accreditation fit around what they do. In other words, tick a box.  We don't, we spend time reviewing the expectations of the accreditation and then integrating the desire into our existing processes.

It is also, we believe, the correct way to grow an organisation by ensuring that we are clear and focused on our strategies but our processes are fluid and do not create lots of additional down time to undertake bureaucratic paperwork trails-but actually it fits with our processes and our skillsets.  We have used the frameworks for the accreditations as the building blocks to allow us to develop our personnel and upskill them. Through this we have created a strong internal culture which emulates the summary of all of the accreditations. Our internal mantra of CHESS- Communication, Honesty, Efficiency, Service & Safety. With communication and safety being the 'bits' that pull everything together to create a process with contextualization to what we do. 

Because what we do is: use skilled labour in manual dirty work!

9001- what this means to you- quality traceable procedures/activities

14001- continual environmental improvements to perform the waste hierarchy internally and externally

Achilles- safe proactive behaviourial approach to your challenges, project management and clear appreciation of our client's specific safety concerns

CHAS- Creating a safety conscious team

SMAS- as above but required to satisfy different client set and also creates a SMART thinking and efficient workforce!

IIP- an assurance that we have our valuable assets (our people) as a main criterion ensuring your operations are in safe able hands

Cyber Essentials- we are good communicators at all levels within KCP so we want to ensure our digital communication is safe and also provides you with no issues

Scottish Business Pledge-building blocks of inclusive growth and international aspirations

Living wage Employer- does what it says on the tin!

I believe that we choose accreditations organically as we are growing and we are aware of our strengths and weaknesses which helps to guide us to be at the right one!  There are also periods of embedding this. As a small team, we have less time to manage onerous ticking of boxes so we constantly review our processes and amend our procedures accordingly. This way we are raising our standards and our expertise which assist when recruiting and training. So, as we grow we have a series of processes that ensure we are able to nurture the knowledge and diversity within our overall team and deliver innovative efficient solutions to you.