East Fortune Racing Weekend


The Scottish adrenaline junkies hit the track again this time it was East Fortune. As usual this amazing team were effortlessly racing around the track. Being a sidecar passenger myself I know it takes a lot of effort and hard work to be in the unnatural positions at fast speeds. Whilst I’ve been nowhere near the speeds they’re flying around at, I have a slight understanding how it must be. This weekend is different to many other of the race meetings the Kershaw team attend; it is much smaller than the big BSB meetings. It is extra track time between events allowing them to test changes to the bike and go out and enjoy what Steven and Stuart both love doing without the cameras.


Of course, this weekend wasn’t any different from the rest of Scotland we had our cold and windy weather too. This caused a few problems for other racers due to the cold track which results in cold tyres which results in less grip and making it very easy for accidents to happen.


The excitement is rushing around inside me when I hear the first call for sidecars to make their way up to the holding area. Getting into position on the grid and the butterflies start as I get the same nervous feeling as I would if I was out there. Once the marshal points the red flag at the lights the butterflies stop and I just stare out at the many sidecars sat waiting… lights on… lights off. Away they go racing into the first corner hoping to make it there first before anyone, hoping not to be the one having to break early as someone got the perfect racing line.


Great weekend and well done Kershaw team!