Toni talks about IIP


IIP - Investors in People – it does what it says on the box.

And, while we would be the first to admit it seemed like a complex process (which it wasn’t in the end!) when we first did it, our recent successful renewal was so much easier because we have settled into the IIP (remarkable) way and it is second nature to us now.

It fell to my lot to get the renewal process underway with a day when our assessor, Keith Mackenzie of IIP delivery company Remarkable, could see the KCP team in a confidential and comfortable environment and all together.

That was probably the most difficult task in a 365/24/7 company which rarely has all its personnel in one place. However, it was achieved by making the assessment part of an already scheduled training day … love when a cunning plan works!

Keith proved to be a helpful and easy to get on with practitioner, someone who put the team at ease and made making the arrangements really work for the company rather than forcing us to comply to his timetable.

Having won our IIP laurels three years ago our renewal was about cementing the “developed” status and, because we had already set the IIP culture in our original application, and have maintained and improved on it since, maintaining “developed” was fairly straight forward.

The process is a relatively easy one as long as your company culture and process fits within the framework and as the framework is designed around getting the best out of your staff why wouldn’t your practices fit it? The three year renewal process is an assessment of how your team feels, how it thinks and whether it is obvious you invest in your people. If you do you will sail through, if you don’t – maybe it’s time to start?

In his report Keith wrote: “Having read the previous report on the company from 2015, I found that there is a tremendous team spirit and commercial awareness in the company, with members of staff willing to share knowledge and information with each other so that they can all continuously improve.

They are also very committed to their own continuous and ongoing personal development. I found that members of staff are very clear on the vision, purpose and strategy of the company, and are dedicated to meeting KCP's core values.

KCP has a clear business plan with an ambition of achieving £5m turnover and £1.25m profit by 2020.

Learning and development is taken seriously and aims to have all H&S training in place before it is needed and dedicate time out for broader training on a quarterly basis such as the Belbin workshop that was taking place on the Saturday that I met with the team.

There is a true feeling of respect within the company and there is little evident distinction between family and non-family members on a day to day basis which encourages a sense of fairness. “

There were 27 boxes to tick in this process and we are so proud to have passed them all and gained our “Developed” status.

But we don't rest on our laurels at KCP … laurel resting is frowned upon! So its onwards and upwards and next time we are aiming for “Established” status.

Watch this space!

  • Remarkable: A not for profit organisation owned by Scottish Enterprise and Highlands & Islands Enterprise. Remarkable is the exclusive delivery partner for Investors in People in Scotland and has been since 1991.

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