Connor joins the team


My Work Experience with KCP Environmental Ltd

by Connor Haining

As I arrived on Monday, I was a little nervous however I was warmly welcomed by all the staff.

To start off the day, I was with Wendy for the first hour and she showed me about the building and how it was run, what to do and not to do. She introduced me to some of the staff members I hadn’t yet met as they were in the workshop.

After I was with Wendy, Jacqueline took over and showed me how to process invoices onto the system and gave me an opportunity to let me do some of the work. After that Lana showed me how to do project sheets and then gave me a few to go and do for her also she got me to type up “how to” sheets and print them off. As the afternoon came in I met Toni and then she taught me about marketing is and what a P.O is and what they do. We also made a raffle prize up and made some small packages for Toni and Wendy to take for when they went to a presentation in Edinburgh the following day.

I was in early on Tuesday and met Gary. He showed me how to do a report on a job and I helped a little every now and then. I was with Gary for quite a while in the morning, we also did the health and safety check around the building and scouted the area to see if everything was okay. Lana had then got me to do a few project sheets and got me send out a quote to a client for her.

On Wednesday morning Gary got me to re-label some of the vehicle folders then after that I did some more project sheets. Then I went out with Gary and Ryan to collect some things Karl had bought. I was observing them putting the items on to the flatbed lorry then watching them take them off in the workshop using the forklift, we then took a trip back down to collect some more items, I again observed and took it all in but when we were back Ryan had to go so Gary and I had to take them off, Gary and I managed to take them off the lorry behind the tin shed. All that took us from 11.30am until 4.25pm. I was tired!

On the Thursday I was in the building and straight into overalls and into the garage/workshop to sweep all the dirt off one of the lorries and make it look a bit cleaner I also helped Ryan and Gary with some tasks. Then after that I had to scrape rust off the wheels of the company’s new tanker “Bugsy” so that they could be painted.

After that Lana got me to make up some “orange packs” for clients who use the company’s services or to remind some clients that have used the service that they are still there. For the rest of the afternoon I did a “how to” sheet on “purchasing a vehicle”.

Friday rolled in, my last day with KCP and what a way to spend it, outside with Chris all morning working on one of the tankers, we were at it from 9.30am until lunch which was at 12. After I had my lunch, Ryan and I took a run to the tip to dump off rubbish that had collected.

I have really enjoyed my week working with KCP and seeing what they do as a company as I am quite interested in engineering as a career. I want to thank all the staff being supportive and helping me through the week and showing me different aspects of the company. I have thoroughly enjoyed it Thank you!!

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