• KCP is a progressive material transfer business and delivers a broad range of services which include suction, transportation, investigative works, maintenance and repair

    They pride themselves in offering clients solution-based results in a variety of sectors including local authority, utility, nuclear, construction, renewables, agriculture and industry.

    Their solution-based approach has allowed them to establish a patent for one of their specially designed pieces of equipment and they are now taking another forward to further development and manufacture and a future as a leading innovator in the removal and separation of tricky waste including micro-plastics

    Contact us now and find out how we can help you with your material transfer problems.

  • Turnkey material exchange contracts for carbon filters

  • Innovative asset management to suit your needs

  • Industrial decommisioning works, railway decomissions and more!

  • Achieving these by good  communication, teamwork, safe approaches and thinking outside the box!

  • Detailed planning, thorough investigations and careful implementation ensure that every problem is tackled and solved efficiently to assist you to manage those troublesome areas of your business.

  • Every member of our team is trained in Confined Space Entry, enabling our highly skilled and qualified professionals to perform essential maintenance, inspection and review procedures while following crucial health and safety guidelines.

  • Operating throughout
    the UK and Ireland,
    we deliver a first class
    24-hour service across
    a number of key sectors –
    from Farming and Landfill,
    to Industrial and Commercial,
    and the Food and Drink

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